About Us
About Us


Hi! Let's skip the formalities! My name is Michael Drofenik. I only get called "Michael" when I'm in trouble... (which I have a tendancy to do). All of my friends call me Mike (or MikeD) so you might as well get started now!

On the right, you'll see my husband Lannon. He is my business coach, my unbiased critique-extraordinaire, my ears & shoulders, my love, my everything. He also is my handy assist on destination weddings! He also thinks that I belong on a tv series that's called: "The Real House-Boys of Vancouver". . . what can I say, I love my job & the lifestyle that it gives me!

Michael D Photography is not your average ' smile-and-say-cheese' kind of photography business. We are seriously great photography (without being too serious). You know what you want, right! We want what you want for your wedding photography. We want to make your wedding photographs as dynamic and special as you are!

From lavish venues to intimate events, Michael D Photography perfectly tailors to your wishes, highlighting your fabulously individual style! Whatever you want, whenever you want (and generally, wherever you want).

I'll either shoot by myself, with an assistant or with a second shooter. It all depends on what kind of coverage you want & how much ground we have to cover on the day of the shoot.

We can travel to anywhere your heart desires, and many popular locations in the Vancouver-area are included in our exclusive Wedding Collections. So whether you are pursuing a barnhouse wedding or savoring a princess' happily-ever-after, we look forward to celebrating your day with you while documenting your fabulous wedding day. Your wish is truly our command!

So, here are some tid bits about me, Mike Drofenik (chief photographer & business owner):
- We tied-the-knot (last September 2009) at the Dockside Brewery in the Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver. It was the best day of my life! (I know, how cliche!) Some of the photos on the sidebars here are from our engagement & wedding collections (by Gina Chong).
- I love: eating out (ethnic foods, western cuisine, you name it, I probably like it!!!), drinking mojitos or bellinis while watching a beautiful sunset, traveling to warm, tropical places (my favorite place is in eastern Cuba), learning different languages (currently learning Spanish), exercising at the gym (...sigh...), meeting new friends, and most of all: taking lots of amazing photographs!

Now that I've started telling you my story, why don't you let me capture yours? Send me an email telling me about your most fabulous day-to-be, and I will get back to you to set up a complimentary consultation to further discuss your wants, wishes & desires!

Michael D Photography is the best. Period. You won't find a better photog out there. So you may as well just book now.